About us

 This website originally started out  with stocking some wonderful health oriented  books but has rapidly become the place to obtain the best nutritional supplements in Australia  if you are wanting to get off the pharmaceutical anti-depressant type medication or if you wish to build up your immune system or eat the best native whey protein supplements  that are available on the market  to name only a few.

You see a member of the family had been put on Cymbalta and as always being nutritionally inclined and  looking for a natural remedy for everything that cropped up in my or my family's lives, I did some research and found this wonderful program from the states with an 85% success rate. So I ordered the programme products and having a willing candidate to try them as they knew they couldn't go on feeling the way they did,  they started and have never looked back. No more anti depressants needed, just good  organic food and a few extra nutrients to make up for the lack of certain vitamins and minerals  in the soil that our food is grown in in  Australia.  I was so impressed that I wanted to be able to share the success and became the Australian distributor of this programme and it has just grown from there as individuals got to know.

We still carry the Specialist books  - both natural and scientific . which cover adrenal health, thyroid problems, heart problems,   and the wonderful benefits of using the coconut  and many many others   and nutritional products and supplements including an electric  stone grinding  machine for making the most delightful creamy raw nut butters from any nut or seed imaginable or your own chocolate.


 Key Points - Quality supplements

1.  Australian distributor of the Road Back Programme which assists greatly in getting people off  psychiatric drugs safely via  a natural supplementation programme, well proven as this method has been available since 1999.

2. In addition to the Road Back Programme we sell Vital Whey  Well Wisdom who manufacture the best native whey protein supplements on the market today.

3. We are the Australian Distributor of Transfer Point's  Beta 1 3D Glucan which  is very popular as an establisher of your immune system. Major medical journals agree: Transfer Point's active ingredient, Glucan 300, is the most effective immunomodulator.

 We are constantly looking for quality supplements to add to our range.

 If  there are other products you would like to see in our store please let us know and we will endeavour to stock  them for you.

 About the owner -  This website reflects my ongoing passion for  natural health and wellbeing, I am constantly discovering new products and love sharing them with you in the hope that they can enhance your lifestyle too!

Email address:  cass01@hotkey.net.au              85 Winterer Crecent Dysart  4745  Queensland Australia