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Apr 26, 2018
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Optimum Solace 60 capsules View larger

Optimum Solace 60 capsules

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    Optimum Solace 60 capsules

    Optimum Solace 60 capsules

    Ultimate Solace is a blend of a patented Saffron and a patented folate supplement. Take 1 15mg veggie capsule twice daily or as directed by your healthcare provider. Please note:  This product is being discontinued in the near future by the program founder.

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Ultimate Solace is a blend of a patented Saffron and a patented folate supplement. Take 1 15mg veggie capsule twice daily or as directed by your healthcare provider. Please note:  This product is being discontinued in the near future by the program founder.

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* May help the feelings of depression

* May help with cognitive function

* May help females and males that are taking an antidepressant with sexual dysfunction For best results, take daily for a minimum of 6 weeks

May help with Improvement in mood

May help with Improvement in sleep

May help with Improvement in food cravings if that is currently present.

 “The addition of Optimum Solace to the program is the biggest breakthrough in The Road Back Program since the discovery of the JNK gene in 2010. 

The Optimum Solace has two patented ingredients in the formula; a specific type of Saffron manufactured using a patented method to bring out additional benefits of this food source, and folate.

Saffron - You have likely heard of Saffron in the past and may have even used Saffron in skin care products or for its scent.

Not all Saffron is equal, especially when Saffron is used as a dietary supplement or food ingredient. This is very important for you to know.

What You Should Know Before You Buy a Saffron Supplement

Saffron supplements will become widely known over the coming months and years, and we feel you will understand why Saffron will be popular once you read through the human uses for the supplement and how effective it can be.

However, with any supplement or product; you get what you pay for. This is especially true with Saffron.

There are a few areas Saffron supplements can take a turn for the worse and should never be used for any reason.

Most saffron supplements are filled with other trash substances. The vast majority of Saffron is grown in the country of Iran. It is not uncommon for the Saffron to contain plant parts from Geranium mixed in with the Saffron or other unrelated plant parts. On the gross side; there are also beef parts found in many of the finished Saffron supplements.

The Saffron used in Optimum Solace is guaranteed to be 100% pure, without adulteration.

Are All Saffron Supplements That Claim to Be Pure the Same?

No. You can do an Internet search for Pure Saffron and you will see several supplements come up on your search and claim to be pure. Let’s say the Saffron is pure in the supplement you found for this example. The next thing to look at is the potency of Safranal in the capsules. You will likely see it is a .02% or a .03% strength. The price of the bottle will likely be around $18USD. You will also find the dosage amount of the Saffron to be as high as 88mg per capsule.

Optimum Solace has been made with 2% Safranal. This is the highest strength Safranal I am aware of. You would need to take 10 capsules of the .02% strength to equal 1 capsule of Optimum Solace. At $18 a bottle for a .02% Saffron, you would be spending $180 a bottle for the same active content found in Optimum Solace.

I hate spending this much time on these details but with us disclosing the ingredients as well as the amount of each ingredient in Optimum Solace, I know some of you will go out and purchase a Saffron supplement because it is less in cost than Optimum Solace. The results will likely not be the same and you are going to then think The Road Back Program did not work for you.

Folate - The amount of folate in Optimum Solace is 200mcg in each capsule. With 2 servings a day of the Optimum Solace, you will get 100% of the daily recommended amount of folate in your diet. This folate has been approved by the F.D.A and the European Commission as a safe food ingredient. Due to non-disclosure agreements at this time I am not able to say much more about the specifics of this folate.

 Other ingredients: -Rice Flour, Hypromellose (capsule) Magnesium Stearate.

 * These statements have not been approved by the F.D.A.

""Ëxcerpt from

This page was updated March 16, 2015 by Jim Harper.

Subject - New breakthrough to combat weight gain caused by antidepressants and antipsychotic medications

New clinical studies were released the end of 2014 giving new insight to the cause of weight gain when taking an antidepressant as well as a solution to this problem.

Antidepressants – In 2010, it was discovered antidepressants cause a gene in our body, called JNK, to become over activated. The over activation of the JNK gene also leads toward diabetes and a host of other negative conditions in the body. Reducing the over activation of the JNK gene is a major part of The Road Back Program and gives excellent relief to drug withdrawal and current side effects.

The new study in 2014 revealed there is another substance, a protein called MAP4K4, which is located upstream from the JNK gene and the MAP4K4 is causing the JNK gene to be continually over activated due to the presence of the antidepressant.

Long story short, we have been addressing the JNK gene with our diet approach with some success but not with the success we should have been getting. As long as the MAP4K4 keeps activating the JNK gene, weight loss will not be possible for some people taking an antidepressant.

Currently, we know how to reduce the over activation of the JNK gene and how to silence the activity of the Map4K4. The supplement Optimum Solace will accomplish both of these functions. Since 1999, we have always looked for ways to improve our program as well as improve the success for weight loss. Clinical studies are currently being conducted on an upgrade to the Optimum Solace and if successful, the Optimum Solace formula will change slightly. ""

What can you do now?

You can begin by getting your body set up for weight loss, change a few simple things in your diet that will also help reduce the activity of the JNK gene and help silence the protein MAP4K4..

What should you expect at this point?

Weight gain should stop within the first 2 to 3 weeks of taking the Optimum Solace.

Foods to avoid:

First a Don't: If you are still taking a medication do not abruptly change your diet. An extreme diet change can create problems with the drug metabolism and create drug side effects.

Try to eliminate as much refined sugar as possible from your daily diet.

Start eliminating canned foods and packaged foods with preservatives. The preservatives in the foods are adding to the difficulty of weight loss. The preservatives also activate the JNK gene and JNK enzymes you are trying to balance.

Avoid frozen fish. If your grocery store sells fresh fish that they froze, ask them if they have used any preservatives on the fish. Avoid if they have. Look at the label of all pre-packaged fish and if the label shows any additive you should avoid.

Avoid white bread

Avoid fast food restaurants unless you know the meal is free of preservatives.

You really need to look at the label on foods and even look at the trusted Subway sandwich you may be having for lunch. Subway has been using a chemical in their breads called Azodiacarbonamide. This chemical is used when making yoga mats and the rubber soles of shoes.

Coke is removing a chemical found in flame retardants that they put in Gatorade.

Foods to Eat

Again, don't go wild and change your diet drastically.

Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables are good for us but if you are taking any medications they will likely cause the drug to metabolize too fast and you will feel withdrawal side effects, without reducing the medication. The side effect is usually anxiety.

Drink 2 glasses of fresh lemon water a day. Take 1 lemon and cut it in half. Squeeze the lemons juice into 10 ounces of water and drink. Do this twice a day. The lemon water will help clean up the gallbladder and this will help fats move through the body better.

You need to eat! Make sure to have 3 meals a day and ideally a snack between breakfast and lunch and one more snack between lunch and dinner.

Balance the protein, fats and carbs.


Thought I’d let you know how my daughter is going. She is doing great, she is off all med’s and is working full-time again. She is expecting in July,so is very excited. She has stopped taking Optimum Solace but i have told her to hop back on the minute she feel’s out of sort’s.  MK  New Zealand FEB 2016

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I'm one of those people who actually need psychiatric medication but can't take it. It's difficult. I first started taking this product to help minimize my symptoms and It did a reasonable job. The largest benefit though was one I didn't expect. I had a very sore hip, to the point that I couldn't lift my leg enough to put on socks, trousers etc. The doctor had prescribed anti inflammatories and pain killers but they did nothing. Within 2 weeks the pain had gone and hasn't returned. This never happens to me. I love this product if only for that reason.

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