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  • ASDM Beverly Hills

    ASDM Beverly Hills have the very best skin care products made from oils, plant extracts and organic ingredients and keep up with what  the latest cutting edge active ingredients are. These products are the most professionally made with the latest ingredients that work  that  I have found to date. The serums and creams actually do penetrate your skin and they are very reasonably priced, come in simple but attractive packaging and the bottles are made from glass.

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  • Bio Vea

    Since 2001  Bio Vea has built a reputation for service, reliability and quality  bringing you the latest innovative brands and high end health and beauty products from around the world. Bio Vea is based in the UK but has warehouses around the world including in Australia. This site chooses to stock their Probiotic Capsules, Betaine HCL capsules and the Vitamin E mixed tocopherols.

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  • Genext Nutrition

    Genext Nutrition are based in Florida USA.

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  • Grainfields

    Grainfields Australia has been making  probiotic fermented food products for many years. They have stood the test of time. Nutritionalists recommend that a good source of live active beneficial bacteria be consumed regularly to maintain gut health.

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  • Hi Tech Health International

    Since 1994, High Tech Health enables people serious about their health, as well as professionals, to take control of their own health with research-based products.

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  • Nirvana

    Nirvana brand specailses in Himalayan salt and stevia products.

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  • Redmond Clay

    Redmond  Bentonite Clay is used for face masks, detox baths, as poultices to draw infection out, in toothpastes.

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  • Remedica Australia

    100% Australian made Remedica brings a collection of unique skin care solutions. Using certified organic botanicals, fine essential oils and complex bio-actives.Remedica meets the needs of all skin to nourish, hydrate and protect, helping skinto help itself.

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  • Seeking Health

    Founded by Ben Lynch N.D. to provide the purest most effective natural supplements.

  • Spectra

    Nut butter and chocolate making domestic machine.

  • Transfer Point

    Transfer Point Beta 1 3D Glucan is the very best available in the market today. Dr Vaclav Vetvicka has been researching and testing the Glucan for at least 30 years and the Transfer Point Beta 1 3 D Glucan has been proven to be  the most effective one on the market. He has written a book detailing what issues it assists   called Natures Secret.  Well worth reading!!  Transfer Point's commitment to quality and not quantity is admired.   If you want the best you need go no further. Recommended by the majority ofl the healing cancer books and websites.

  • Vital Reaction

    The Vital Reaction® Tablet is an effervescing tablet that saturates any non-carbonated beverage with millions of molecular hydrogen nanobubbles. Vital Reaction™ Tablets produce the most powerful cloud of H₂ in the least amount of time with the most ease of use. Features: Exclusive Vital Reaction™ Hydrogen Matrix.