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Seeking Health Lactase Drops View larger

Seeking Health Lactase Drops - Australia

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    Seeking Health Lactase Drops - Australia

    Seeking Health Lactase Drops - Australia

    Key Benefits and Actions*

    • Supports lactose and dairy digestion
    • Sweet-tasting natural glycerin base
    • More cost-effective than buying pretreated lactose-free products
    • May help support digestive comfort

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Key Benefits and Actions*

  • Supports lactose and dairy digestion
  • Sweet-tasting natural glycerin base
  • More cost-effective than buying pretreated lactose-free products
  • May help support digestive comfort

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Lactase Drops by Seeking Health is an effective liquid lactase enzyme supplement that helps break down lactose, to help you enjoy dairy without suffering from bloating, gas, stomach aches, and other symptoms of lactose intolerance. Lactase Drops contain a lactase enzyme that breaks down lactose milk sugar into simpler sugars, which may benefit those who have symptoms of lactose intolerance, are lactose intolerant or experience lactase deficiency. Lactase Drops may be used by people of all ages, and the sweet-tasting liquid is much easier to administer to lactose intolerant infants and children than unpleasant, hard-to-swallow lactase capsules or tablets.*

Lactase drops are simple and easy to use. Simply open and drop the liquid into your milk carton or any liquid lactose-containing product and shake. This way, you can make lactose-free milk at home using your favorite brand - for less money than buying it in a store. A typical dose is 7 drops per pint of milk. If time allows, Lactase Drops work best if allowed to act on the dairy product for 24-48 hours prior to consumption. One may also place the drops in 3 ounces of water or juice, directly on the food, in the milk or on the tongue just prior to, during or just after eating ice cream, yogurt, cottage cheese or any product containing lactose. This method may be helpful for those who experience mild lactose intolerance or to neutralize lactose intolerance symptoms if dairy products inadvertently ingested. For individuals with a severe lactose intolerance or sensitivity, use more drops or allow the Lactase Drops more time to act on the lactase in your favorite dairy products for more complete lactase conversion prior to consumption.*

Lactase Drops are proven effective: 7 drops is enough to reduce lactose in 1 pint of milk over 24 hours. The glass packaging is free of BPA and phthalates. Lactase Drops may also be used in breast milk or formula (once mixed) and administer to lactose intolerant infants. And Lactase Drops are Kosher Certified!* 

Lactase Drops

Serving Size: 7 Drops
Servings Per Container: Approx. 52

Supplement Facts

Lactase750 Lactase Units**
**Daily Value (DV) not established.

Other Ingredients: Glycerin and purified water.

Glycerin is derived from naturally occurring, Kosher not for Passover certified, vegetable oils such as: palm, palm kernel, and coconut.

If you're sensitive to dairy, trust me, I get it! And it's a major bummer.

The good news?

If you're sensitive to the lactose in dairy, you don't have to write dairy out of your life!

I started using Seeking Health's Lactase Drops 
 and was amazed by the difference. I add them to dairy products like milk and ice cream...and it's like I don't have an issue with dairy at all!*

These drops contain the lactase enzyme which is responsible for breaking down the lactose sugars in dairy that cause those unpleasant symptoms. As we age, many of us simply don't produce enough lactase in our guts to support the intake of dairy as an adult. Kiddos can suffer from this issue, too.*

I even make my own lactose-free milk! Instead of spending $$$ on specialty milk at the store, I just add Lactase Drops  to my milk, let it sit overnight in the fridge, and voila! Lactose-free milk that is easy to digest!* 

Here's a lactose-free milk recipe:

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