Review for "Seeking Health Optimal Prenatal 240 vegetarian capsules"

Seeking Health Optimal Prenatal 240 vegetarian capsules

Optimal Prenatal by Seeking Health gives you the nutrients necessary for a healthy pregnancy and your baby - a thriving start to life. This unique and comprehensive formula, includes methylfolate and folinic acid, essential for those with a MTHFR defect.


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I was overjoyed to find a prenatal that was suitable for someone with MTHFR. I have found it to be gentle on my digestive system, a great range of vitamins and minerals - in their most active forms and frankly it is good value for money. I was buying most of these supplements separately at a cost of approx $150/month, so this works out much better. Only downside is, that I have started fertility treatments, and they are against the "extra herbs" in the prenatal (red rasberry, Lutein, Zeaxanthin) as there are not many studies into the combination of herbs and fertility meds. So I have had to switch to a more basic prenatal and some extra individual supps, but if anyone wants a recommendation this is the prenatal that gets my vote!

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